Walmart Hair Salon Prices

A good haircut goes beyond just the length of your hair. At Ava nearby salon we provide a complete listing of a hairstylist as well as hair salons that can create the style that suits your facial features.

Whether you want a shave, professional haircuts, perm or hair treatment, our hairstylist listings can provide you with all that.


Smartstyle Salon Prices & Services

Presently, the majority of hair services under our listings offer additional shampoo and conditioning to ensure your hair is perfectly clean before proceeding with the main styling. Here, we take a look at several Walmart hair salon prices charged for several hair services and treatment.

Why Choose Walmart

If you patronize a nearby Walmart store, there’s no need sweating over making your hair at a Smartstyle salon. Because there are over a thousand of them across the US.

Hence, you can access their service no matter where you live. Whether in a rural, urban or suburban setting.

Due to the quality of service, Walmart hair salon is quite popular among families as well as a business person.

It saves a lot of time as you can combine shopping with a whole lot of activities at the same time.

Smartstyle Hair Salon

Most Smartstyle hair salons are not far from Walmart stores, which enable clients to pick one or two items from the store during an appointment.

Unlike most network brands, Walmart requires no membership, and they charge everyone equally except that charges may vary from location to location but be assured that the price tag is the same for everyone in each location.

Walmart affords you a lot of payment parking space, and you never need to worry about an appointment since the Salon operates on a walk-in appointment policy.

Due to their price range, Smartstyle is definitely the ideal place for families to style their hair and get all hair care products at an affordable rate.

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 Walmart Salon Prices


Haircut and shampoo$16
Adult haircut, shampoo and blow dry$19
Kids 10 and under haircut and shampoo$11
Kids 10 and under haircut, shampoo and blow dry$14
Hair Color starting at$45
Foil Highlights starting at$50
Perm starting at$45
Style with shampoo starting at$15
Relaxer starting at$50
Specialty style starting at$27
Condition treatment$15

Foil Highlights:

Highlights add more spark as well as dimensions to your hair. Not only does it brighten your look but illuminates your face at the same time.

Highlights aren’t limited to blonde hair. Provided you meet the right hair-salons, options extend to chocolate and platinum.

If you want foil Highlights, your hairstylist will put your preference into consideration to determine the number of foils that will be enough to achieve the result you want.

On Average, most Walmart hair salon prices for highlights of up to 6 foils cost $25 while those more than 6 costs as much as $50.


Perms have become most people favorite. Presently, texturing treatment are added to improve hair tune as well as hair volume to create full coverage.

Since perms aren’t for everyone, Ava nearby salon listing provide relaxer service to smoothen and straighten your hair before perming.

With this, it’s easy to style and maintain at the same time. The prices for perming, along with additional condition treatment in most hair salons cost $50 on average.

Conditioning Treatment:

Using the wrong hair products, as well as styling tools, can damage the texture of your hair. Most times resulting in hair breakage.

To prevent that from happening, most hair salons charge an additional $10 for conditioning treatment to repair damaged hair and ensure they’re in the best condition before styling.



Waxing can be a painless hair removal method if done by the right hands. This is a great way to keep your skin perfectly smooth and to also trim your eyebrows at the same time. Most waxing services leaves your skin hair-free using several formulae that create long-lasting results.

Special Styles

For special events like wedding, birthdays or prom, regular hairstyles won’t do. Most hair salons provide custom hair-dos for special occasions like this.

Your options range from braids, curls to ponytails. If you want a Hairstyle you love, come along with a photograph and our hairstylist will create exactly what’s in the picture for you.

Products Sold

In addition to changing your looks and giving your hair one or two touches, you can get access to a wide range of high-quality products at Walmart.

You can purchase several hair care products such as shampoo and conditioner at Walmart. You will have no problem finding all that you need here, especially if you’re a fan of hair care brands like Kenra, Mizani, Joico, and CHI.

All the products listed are sold at a competitive price, almost the same as the company price. With Smartstyle salon, you can get a million-dollar look at a cheap price.


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Opening and Closing Hours

Even if you work during late hours, it is possible to get a nice hair cut at Walmart Salon. Most Smartstyle salons open from 9 AM and close by 8 PM except during the weekend where the closing hour is shorter.

MON: 9:00AM8:00PM
TUE: 9:00AM8:00PM
WED: 9:00AM8:00PM

About Ava Nearby Salon Services

Ava nearby salon provides all the trending hairstyle provided by typical hair salons near you. Their services are available for everyone, including men, women, and even kids.

It’s possible to get professional haircuts as well as hair treatment services like hair dyeing, perming, relaxing, waxing, and shampoo.

All hair salons on their website provide an additional shampoo service with complimentary conditioning to keep your hair clean and free from dandruff.

Ava nearby salon can also provide special hair salon listings for events such as bridal shower, wedding anniversary, prom, wedding and even birthdays.

Most hair salons listings offer custom hair-dos like braids, jerry curl, ponytail and lots more. The hair services under our listing can also make recommendation taking your hair type, color, and texture into consideration to know which option fits into your needs.

With just one click on your mobile phone, you can find thousands of options for hair salons near me as well as Walmart hair salon.

In addition, you can register on our platform and also get listed on our platform for free. Ava nearby salon does more than just keep you up to date on the latest Walmart hair salon prices but also ensure you get a wider reach.

So when next you want to find the best hair salons or hair services near me, simply turn to Ava nearby Salon.

Frequently Ask Questions

How much does Smart Style cost?

Well, it depends on the services which you pick. Usually, it starts from the 15.95$

Does Wal-Mart have hair salons?

Yes indeed. Smart style offers you a full professional hair cut services with Wal-Mart store convenient locations including west-chase in (Houston, TX).

Additionally, it also offers you a hair care products, including hair styling products, shampoos, conditioners and many more.

How much does it cost for a haircut at Wal-Mart?

For a haircut, it starts from the 15.50$, rests the process depends on the styles and haircuts which you pick.

Does Smart Style do perms?

No matter if you are in search of perms, hairstyle, hair cut, and hair color when you visit smart style that means you are at the right place.

This salon itself offers you friendly and professional hair styling and hair care services at an affordable range cost.

What is the name of the hair salon in Wal-Mart?

Smart style is the name of the hair salon in Wal-Mart.

Can you get a haircut at Wal-Mart?

Yes, of course, without any asking. as they carter to all of you no matter whether you are men, woman, and children you can easily get your hair cut with a variety of different styles and offers including perms, waxing, shaves, relaxing, shampoo, hair coloring, professional haircuts, and many more.

What time does Wal-Mart’s hair salon open?

Most Walmart hair salon is open Monday 9:00AM, TUESDAY 9:00AM, Wednesday 9:00AM, Thursday 9:00AM, Friday 9:00AM, Saturday 9:00AM and Sunday 10:00AM

What time does Wal-Mart’s hair salon close?

Most Walmart is close at Monday 8:00PM, TUESDAY 8:00PM, Wednesday 8:00PM, Thursday 8:00PM, Friday 8:00PM, Saturday 8:00PM and  Sunday 6:00PM