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Our skin takes in 60% of the items applied to it –the thought is scary if these items are processed, synthetic, and full of chemicals, toxins, and preservatives.

Clearing up your diet is not the only solution; you must clear up your beauty cabinet too and fill it with healthy and plant-based natural items.

Vegan skincare and beauty products are made without any harm to animals, and they do not have any products derived from animal ingredients.

People with sensitive skin are highly recommended to use these vegan products. Completely natural ingredients reduce the chances of acne, rash, and dry skin, which are easily caused by other products.

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What is Petit Vour?

Petit Vour is a box that helps you discover vegan skincare and luxury cruelty-free and non-toxic makeup.

This subscription box offers a variety of personalization, and the initial is that you just have to fill out a beauty profile. You will be answering questions related to your skin, hair type, your fragrance preferences, and your style.

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How does it work?

The subscribers of Petit Vour receive a variety of five or four quality beauty items, which include haircare, skincare, and makeup items. All the products included are plant-based, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

The products which you attain in your delivery are sorted out according to the beauty profile you set.

Every subscription box includes both full-size and samples size products from the following four categories:

  • Skin Care
  • Color Item
  • Body Care
  • Fragranced Hair Care

Make your Beauty Profile:

To complete your trade beauty profile, you have to take a short quiz, which will ask about your preferences regarding the items you want. The questions included are as follow:-

  • “How would you describe the color of your eyebrow?”
  • “How would you explain the tone of your skin?”
  • “What is your lip color preference?”

The answers you provide on your beauty profile will decide which beauty products will be included in your Petit Vour subscription box.

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What is Unique about Petit Vour?

The best and different thing about Petit Vour is the amazing quality of their natural products and the thoroughness in their questions regarding the order.

Every single thing from hair color preference to lip balm is enclosed in their beauty profile. The products are generously-sized for you to blend, lather, spray, apply, buff, and soak.


As this company’s name is derived from petit fours, which means a combination of four pastries – the subscribers can anticipate to receive four products in every shipment.

Nonetheless, the team of Petit Vour adds the fifth item sometimes, though it is not guaranteed. An only single option is there, but the pricing of the box varies from the place it is shipped to, the USA has the least pricing.

  • Shipping cost?

In the price of the box, the shipping is also included. Nonetheless, it is very reasonable considering the products value always tend to exceed the monthly price.

The box is priced around $45 to $6o, with the monthly $25 cost for the most expensive subscription box.

  • The cost?

Depending on the way you choose to purchase, you can get your hands on the monthly Petit Vour’s beauty box at a discounted price. The yearly plan will save you per box as compared to the monthly plan.

The USA beauty boxes range from $180 yearly to $18 per month, whereas the Canadian boxes range from $240 yearly and $23 per month.

It is a bit costly for international friends but very reasonable as the range varies from $264 yearly to $25 per month.

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The latest list of curated boxes by Petit Vour:

Petit Vour has recently developed curated, a single purchase box. The items selected for these curated boxes are selected from the beauty box, and most of them are fan favorites. Let us have a look at some of these curated boxes.

  1. The$40Keep Calm and CarryOn box include:
  • OSEA’s Cream for Atmosphere Protection ($48)
  • Ursa Major’s 5-pack Essential Face Wipes ($7)
  • Blissoma’s Clear Clay Renewal Treatment ($10)
  • Shamanuti’s Seaweed Toner ($10)
  1. The $22 Body Treats Box includes:
  • Olverum’s Bath Oil ($13)
  • Little Barn Apothecary’s Grapefruit + Honeysuckle Body Oil ($12.50)
  • Kaia Naturals Underarm Bar ($22)
  • Metta Skincare’s Comforting Hand Balm ($11)
  • Formulary 55’s Sea Mineral for Foot Soaking ($7)
  1. The $18 Renew and Refreshincludes:
  • Little Barn Apothecary’s Rosewater + Aloe Balance Mist ($8)
  • Honua Skincare’s Pa’akai Cleansing Cream ($12)
  • French Girl’s Vitamin C Lait De Rose Polishing Wash ($15)
  • Le Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil ($10)
  1. The $12 Clean Skin Essential Kit includes:
  • Kalos’s After Hours Night Cream ($13)
  • BKIND’s Sensitive Face Scrub ($9)
  • Formulary 55’s Clay and Rosehip Facial Mask ($8)
  • Ursa Major’s Easy and Bright 3-Minute Flask Mask ($5.50)
  1. The $20 Cruelty-Free Kitty Box includes:
  • Pacifica’s Cherry Matte Primer ($13)
  • Fior Minerals Organic Eyeliner ($18) YOUR PICK
  • YUNI’s Shower Sheet ($1.50)
  • Kahina Giving Beauty’s Oil Cleanser ($10)
  • Le Prunier’s Plum Beauty Oil ($10)

The top four beauty brands of Petit Vour:-

  • OSEA
  • Lily Lilo
  • Juice Beauty
  • Au Naturale

These perform just marvelous in the beauty subscription box and individually in our shops. The price points go very well for the beauty boxes supplied, and every non-toxic and cruelty-free brand provides a great selection of these high-performance items.

What are the largest categories of beauty?

Vegan skincare and makeup are the largest categories Petit Vour have overall. With unnatural makeup, many individuals are used to wearing makeup that tends to last and survive their hectic day and definitely the waterproof one.

Petit Vour providing the natural makeup does not give out such results, and the makeup is also not as waterproof as the standard makeup is.

You will take time to get used to the natural and non-toxic makeup and be a little shrewd to receive great results.

Nonetheless, natural makeup is swiftly improving, though; it might take time for it to reach a brand level like Sephora and others.

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