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50 Most Popular Women

Our 50 most popular women list is fun and interactive where you can vote on who you think should be in a higher spot.

After viewing the first 50 most popular list that was created by COED Magazine you'll have the chance to vote on who you think is the most popular or less popular for 2020. More

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Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas by 20 Nails

Some of the best Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas for mostly short, oval and almond-shaped nails that you can try out for Valentine’s Day.  20 Nails have used these products in the video: nail polish/gel, skin defender, spider gel, glossy/matte topcoat, nail waterslide decal, foil, stripping tape, caviar beads, rhinestone glue, rhinestones, confetti glitter gel […] More

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Tina Halada Recreate Kylie Jenner Everyday Makeup Look

Tina Halada going for that soft glam look that Kylie has been killing the game with, the no-makeup makeup look. Kylie Jenner everyday makeup look has inspired Tina to do this video, even thou she wanted to do it for a long time now and now she’s finally getting it done. More

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