Laneige is a beauty cosmetic brand that was founded by Amore Pacific from South Korea. The brand focuses on providing quality products for men and women.

IndustryBeauty Industry
FoundedSeptember 1994
FounderAmore Pacific
ProductsCosmetics & beauty

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Amore Pacific is well known for its cosmetic and beauty products. Her brand name Laneige which comes from the french word “la neige” which means snow, is one of the best beauty products out there.

It is actually one of the first brands in Korea that gained international recognition.

Amore launched who is a South Korean officially opened her brand in 1994. The whole idea behind the brand is defining the natural beauty of the skin.

Amore uses Advanced Water Science technology to develop products that keep the skin Hydrated, Minimizing Look of Pores, Age Prevention, or Complexion-Correcting.

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Laneige 1994 – 1997

Laneige 1994 - 1997

Laneige was born to the world in September 1994, with a titled skincare collection called UV Green. The brand was launched with the theme “Laneige Protects Women” which educated the masses about the essence of skin immunity.

Actress Lee Yoori and the endowed Kim Si were endorsed to represent the brand and irrespective of how successful the brand was, many of its consumers thought it was not good enough.

Amore did not stop building her brand and in July 1995, another actress name Kim Ji-ho was endorsed as the third face of the cosmetic brand. In 1996, Laneige had made a 100 billion hit for sales.

Since then, some of her other campaigns that took place in 1997 during the Asian financial crisis include “Women Who Live like a Movie” with models Shin Joo-RI, Lee Hye-sang and Chae Rim, as the star representatives.

Laneige 1999 – 2007

Laneige 1999 – 2007

In 1999, a new campaign “Everyday New Face” which talks about the buoyant and enthusiastic contemporary day woman was introduced alongside actress Lee Na-young to re-boost the brand’s sales.

In 2002, Amore decided to test her brand in other parts of the Asian market and it started in Hong Kong and Shangai. She later expanded to Europe with the premier store launched in Moscow, Russia after opening about 200 stores in eight Asian countries.

The first Laneige cosmetic line was officially opened in 2007 and the brand incorporated the male market in the same year under the title “Laneige Homme”.

Laneige 2010 – 2013

Laneige during this period increased awareness about the essence of the brand’s moisturizing product line under the campaign theme “Be Waterful”.

Laneige 2014 – Present

Laneige 2014 – Present

Laneige, later on, opened its doors to partnerships and signed a cosmetic retailing deal with Sephora. The main deal with Sephora was to re-energize the brand in the United States, and this partnership brought to limelight the Lip Sleeping Mask.

Laneige products were available at Sephora from 2014 to 2015 and it has been restocked by Sephora Canada since September 2015.

Laneige later on rebranded and became fully focused on providing skin care moisturizer.

It was actually the brand’s first rebranding in 5 years and a new logo “Luminous Beauty” was introduced in the first quarter of 2019 and since April 2019, Laneige products are being sold in European Sephora outlets.

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Laneige has a partnership with Sephora and the main deal aims at boosting the sales of the brand’s products in the United States.

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Best Laneige products


The cosmetic and skincare brand has over the years launched a good number of products under different categories. Some of its categories include; cleaners, toners & Emulsions, Essence & Serums, Eyecare, Moisturizers, Mask, Lip Care, Makeup and even gift sets.

Laneige products

Laneige also has a collection of different products that will keep the skin glowing and ageless.

For Laneige collection, you can find; Sleeping Masks, Water Bank, Fresh Calming, Bright Dew, Mini Pore, Homme, Essential Care, Cushion And Perfect Renew.

Laneige products are known for being quite effective and are suitable for all skin types but the skin type that can use the product is always labeled on the products.

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The brand has over 100 best-selling products, some of them include; Skin Refiner Moisture, Firming Sleeping Mask, Mist, Skin Refiner Light, Balancing Emulsion Light, Eye Liners, Gel Liquid Liner, Moisture Cream, Tighter, Serum, Blush, Highlighter And Water Clay Masks just to name a few.

All of Laneige products are always proven and tested with effective results before they are eventually launched for public consumption.

The products are original and always serve their purpose with evidence. They are made for all skin types and there are equally customized kits.

Petit Vour

Amazon Beauty Box

New Beauty Test Tube

Macy’s Beauty Box



First Aid Beauty

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According to Forbes, Laneige net worth is about $18.7B; which is a combination of the company’s sales, assets, and profits.

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Laneige has been providing quality products for over 20 years now and the brand is always in need of creative, innovative and hardworking persons that can come up with fresh marketing ideas that can aid in pushing the brand forward.


Free Samples

Laniege Free Samples

Laniege from time to time offers some free samples to some of its customers. The products that are up for free samples are usually showcased and there is always a link on the website directing customers to the free sample site so they can fill in the required information.

customers who get selected are emailed to provide their details for further processing and they are to cover all shipping and tax expenses.


The company equally does sales and offers discounts for products often so don’t miss out.

Where to buy Laneige

Laniege can be found in physical stores and online retail sites. You can get the brand’s products from; Korea, Mainland China, Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia,  Canada, and the United States.

The products can as well be found on Amazon, eBay, and Sephora. So order today so you can start making your skin glow.


Laniege offers different discount percentages; from 6%, 10% right up to 50% from time to time plus Black Friday.

The promos/discounts are for all customers and they equally have gift and loyalty programs; there are equally good deals that will run throughout the month of December.

So always check the website as you may get lucky.

Return policy

Laniege prides itself on providing quality Korean beauty products for its international customers.

The brand accepts returns from its customers but it is bounded by some policies.

For orders that are purchased from the brand’s official website;, it has to be returned within 60 days from when it was bought.

Returning products in their original packaging with the order information as found in the invoice of the package makes it easier for the package to be tracked and request handled quickly.

Policies of returns

Only Laniege products with visible defects will be accepted and the refunds can only be made when the damaged product is gotten back by the company.

Laniege products that were bought from third-party retailers have to be returned back to the store it was bought from.

Return shipping funds are not returned since complimentary shipping is offered to orders of $50 and above.

How to return an order

customers who wish to return products can reach the team at contact us at [email protected].  customers will be asked to fill a form and include their returns in them.

Items should be returned in a well-enclosed package and if possible use protective materials so damages can be avoided.

Items should be sent quickly so it can be processed quickly and if probable, it should be returned through UPS or insured USPS Parcel Post and retain the receipt for your records.

But customers will cover all return expenses (from shipping to insurance, lost or unreturned products)

Packages should be mailed to this address

AmorePacific US, Inc.
3300 East Birch Street
Brea, CA 92821

When customers can expect a refund

The time the returns are processed always takes between a week to two from when the brand gets the package and customers always get email confirmations when the refunds have been processed.


Orders generally take 1 to 2 business days to be processed online, orders placed after 10am are always shipped the following business day. Tracking details will be mailed to the email address provided on the form.

Orders placed during busy holidays will take some extra days for the package to be mailed.

There is complimentary shipping for orders of at least $50 but excludes orders to Hawaii or Alaska


1994 – 2000 – The “Everyday new face” Campaign showcases the strong, bold and energetic contemporary woman.

2002 – 2006 – The beauty of Asia. Laneige gets extended across China and Hongkong as well as the global market in Asia as a whole.

2007 – 2009 – The brand’s Makeup Stand was introduced – Premium Makeup Line Officially Opened to Target group in Asia

2010 – 2013 – Be Waterful – Improved Awareness on Soothing Product Line through the “Be Waterful” Brand Campaign

2014 – Till Date – New Market Launches – Laneige launches in US & Canada

Laneige can be found in so many European countries and all the beauty products are well tested before they get launched. The brand is always ready to refund products of customers with substantial proof.

The CEO of this noble enterprise is Suh Kyung-Bae and he is actually the best in South Korea. Being the kind and generous man he is, and a good businessman, you can get lucky to win one of their promo codes this December.

You had better check out the website and try taking part in any of the ongoing sales, who knows, you may be amongst the lucky winners.

Many people who have used this product before keep leaving positive reviews and you may be the next person to as well.

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