Good Hair Day

Good hair day, also known as ghd, is the company of hair care products located in Leeds, UK.

Ghd deals with the marketplace for hair straightening irons. It is traded in more than 50,000 beauty salons worldwide.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was the sponsor of ghd. Ghd is recommended by many stars containing Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, plus Jennifer Aniston.

IndustryBeauty Industry
FounderMartin Penny
Susan Powls
Robert Powls
ProductsCosmetics & beauty
Revenue$156 Million
Customer ServiceClick Here

ghd straightener


Ghd Founded in 2001 by Martin Penny, Susan Powls, as well as Robert Powls. The three worked together to purchase the privileges from a South Korean designer to a hair straightening iron.

The product rapidly took off gradually, and ghd did not start publicity up to one and a half years after its inauguration.

Then, hair salons carried the company to $15 million, alongside an estimate of $3.9 million and $5 million.

Ghd arrived in the market of North America in May 2004, carrying its total throughout the world sales making $41 million in income.



ghd hair dryer

Make your day a good hair day by using the best ghd hair dryers. Every product in the group is formed to attain beautiful hairstyles, from straight, smooth and sleek, to pretty, bouncy curls.

The products include:

  • ghd air® hair drying set
  • ghd platinum+ and limited air version rose gold deluxe kit
  • ghd air® rose gold hairdryer gift kit
  • ghd flight rose gold travel hair dryer gift kit


ghd hair curlers

Make curls for a more extended period with a wide range of ghd curling wands and tongs.

The hair curlers help you to get a variety of stunning hairstyles when you are considering to make soft summer waves and sticky glamourous curls on your lengthy or short hair.

The products include:

  • ghd curve® soft curl tong
  • ghd curve® creative curl wand
  • ghd curve® classic curl tong
  • ghd curve® classic wave wand


ghd hair straighteners

Take your best from the hair straighteners of ghd for the best collection of your styling kit necessities.

From supernatural mermaid waves to gorgeous, bouncy curls plus poker-straight styles. The variety of hair straightening tools of ghd means you can generate an appearance that is stylish, natural and salon-worthy.

The products involve:

  • ghd platinum+ rose gold gift kit
  • The ghd original IV styler
  • ghd platinum+ and limited air version rose gold deluxe kit
  • ghd max styler


good hair day hair products

Make the hairstyle you want by using the full range of hair styling products of ghd.

Progressive hair styling tools of ghd means you can retain even the most unmanageable hair under your control and fashioned to perfection.

The products include:

  • ghd heat protectant spray
  • ghd curl hold spray
  • ghd advanced split end therapy
  • ghd straight and smooth spray
  • ghd final shine spray


ghd hot brush

Provide yourself extra time to sort out what you like and be Star of the Sheets by using the first hot brush of ghd.

Remove frizz and reestablish steadiness back to your hair cheers to the ceramic equipment having ionizer inside the glide hot brush of ghd.

Heating equal to the ideal styling heat of 185ºC, your hair will be good-looking and magnificently glossy, allowing you to stay in your bed a little bit longer.

The products include:

  • ghd glide hot brush

Also checkout:


ghd hair


Black Friday Sale of ghd 2019: Achieve up to 50% off hair straighteners, ghd hairdryers, and stylers.

The products include:

  • ghd max styler: now $157
  • ghd mini styler: now $125
  • ghd original IV styler: now $106
  • ghd gold styler: now $158
  • ghd platinum plus black styler: now $224
  • ghd contour professional crimper: now $62
  • ghd air hair drying set: now $62
  • ghd gold ink on pink styler, now $145
  • ghd platinum nocturne styler premium gift kit: now $184

 ghd curling iron

Free samples

The limited-version Rose Gold Hair Straightener of ghd is lightweight and inhibits your hair from any damage. Now, you can get a chance to gain this product of ghd free of cost from the FreeStuff.Eu website. You need to fill your info to submit your ticket!

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where to find products?

Ghd has its store to purchase products. But, you can also find products on different sites such as,, Ghd official website etc.


The UK official website supplies hair styling products to more than 160 countries worldwide.

Please remember that when you order from the UK website of ghd you will see the English language and all charges in GBP.  Pick your product and the choice to select your country.

Worldwide orders are shipped through the international courier facility of ghd.  All global delivery charges are considered on the number of products and load of your order.

For orders transported outside the EU, liability cost may be applied.

Return policy

Every product of ghd is made to meet the highest standards and thoroughly checked when it is released.

However, if, due to any reason, you want to return your ghd product, the company will ensure the entire procedure that is as simple and quick as possible.

The return policy includes the following steps:

  1. Producing the return form
  2. Preparing the package

In this package you will add:

  • A duplicate of your proof acquisition.
  • The Return Form
  • Attach your pre-paid postage tag to the outer surface of the package
  • Sending the package

Please note:

Within the guarantee period, the company will cover any return costs to UK based addresses. Unfortunately, ghd is not able to cover your postage fee outside the UK.


  • CEO of ghd is Jeroen Temerman
  • The estimated annual revenue of ghd is $156 million.



Ghd is offering the following jobs:

  • Finance Analyst:

Ghd is looking for a bright and passionate Finance Analyst to perform in the FP&A team of the company. In this job, you will offer analysis and vision, supporting managers of ghd to make intelligent, profitable decisions

  • Global Educator:

In this role, you will be in charge of transporting and managing in market exercise, applying for educational programs worldwide to start and grow in direct and associate markets by encouraging and providing best practice.

  • Supply Planner:

In this job, you are responsible for organizing the transport of products from a third-party producer to meet expected demand across the global business of ghd.  You will manage the process of External Operations in the SAP as well as JDA systems.

  • Field Support Account Manager:

In this job, you are a field support manager for the team of beauty salon sales to regulate and raise sales. You are responsible for keeping and increasing relationships with allocated salons and joining with main business partners.


The prize-winning brand ghd has the idea to generate good hair days. The scientists of brand work with artists to develop original technologies.

Their advanced designs provide long-lasting outcomes that also retain hair healthy.

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