Fantastic Sams Prices

Fantastic Sams Salon is the home of stylish hairdos. They’re your next-door hair palace where you get not just impeccable hairstyles but without breaking the bank.

Their team of hairstylists are skilled for both the regulars and special celebrity looks. If you’re looking for the salon with homely environment and friendly customer service, you just found it. Fantastic Sams salon is the deal place.




Fantastic Sams hair salon has a network of about 1,200 franchises and locations scattered across the United States as well as Canada.

With their chain of locations, you’re sure to find one in your neighborhood. You can check their homesite to confirm the nearest hair salon to you.

The individual locations operate an independent pricing system. However, all locations are super affordable and are committed to meeting your desired hair needs.


Prices and Services

Fantastic Sams Prices are not just always a good deal but unmatchable for the treat you’ll get afterward. Their superb hair services exceed the prices attached to them.

You’ll always get the value for your money and even save yourself some extra bucks. Who doesn’t love good deals?

Here is a list of some irresistible hair services Fantastic Sams offer and their prices.


At Fantastic Sams Salon, most of their hair services are accompanied with shampoo therapy, then a supplementary shampoo and afterward, the soothing three minutes scalp massage. You’ll not only love it. You’ll long for it every other day!


At Fantastic Sams, every haircut begins with a quick hair consultation with their hair experts who help to define your hair textures, facial shape, and hair color.

All these will help you to pick the trendy hairdo that will flatter your looks in every way.


Below is a breakdown of the various services and prices.

 Shampoo and haircut

This includes shampooing and also a tousle dry for only $15.00.


Shampooing, haircut and blow drying

This entails shampoo and blow-drying finish and cost as low as $18.00.


Shampooing, haircut, and style

This comes with shampooing, blow-drying and also iron finishing for only $26.00.


Clipper haircuts

This comes with shampooing and tousels dry for about $15.00.



Children’s haircuts

At Fantastic Sams, your kids are covered. This comes with shampooing and tousle drying for only $15.00. This is for kids 11 years or younger.



At Fantastic Sams salon, you can indulge yourself to some relaxing treat like;

  • Bang, neck or beard trimming (full or touch-up) for $16.
  • Brow or lip waxing costs $36.
  • Deep conditioning/smoothening (comes with shampoo, blow-dry & flat iron finish). Price ranges between $10.00 and $20.



Let Fantastic Sams perfect your hairstyle. From dressed up, lock, straight, sleek, or even short cuts.

  • Blow-dry style with shampoo for $36.00



It’s time to revamp your hair color to bring out your true look or even try out something fresh and spanky. You can opt for either a temporary or permanent full hair color or even just a tint.

  • Area highlights (up to 10 foils)- $36.00 and above.
  • Partial highlights (up to 25 foils) -$66.00 and above
  • Full highlights ( full head of highlights or lowlights using one color) – $80.00 and above
  • Dimensional highlights (combination of highlights and low lights) – $80.00 and above
  • Color gloss (ammonia-free, demi-permanent color) – $36.00 and above
  • Men’s color ( grey blending coverage) – $60.00 and above


You can choose to get bouncy waves, smooth, glossy, or fun style.

  • Permanent wave (includes blow-dry finish or set) – $55.00 and above
  • Keratin/smoothing  (includes shampoo, blow-dry, and flat iron finish) – $140.00 and above
  • Relaxer – includes blow-dry style or set $140.00 and above

Why choose Fantastic Sams

Here’s why you should choose Fantastic Sams over any other salon. They have a variety of hair services that means, your next hair cravings is in their books.

More so, they’ve got packages for the men, women as well as for the kids.


Every visit at the salon leaves you with a luxury European feel.

They also have a product line that’s incomparable in prices, yet healthy and suited for different hair types.

Some of their products include;

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • leave-in conditioner (masque)
  • Moisturizing products
  • Volumizing products
  • Men’s product lines


Fantastic Sams History

Fantastic Sams salon, formally known as Incredible Sams hair salon, was established in 1976.

They’re the renowned home of high-quality hair care products and lush hairstyles.

They’re also known for their splendid hairstyles that comes at unbelievable prices.


Fantastic Sams Membership

Although walk-ins are welcomed, becoming a member comes with mouthwatering offers you cannot afford to let go.


Book an Appointment

Why wait when you can book an appointment for that next event. Get ready for your celebrity hairdo and get all the accolades that you deserve. Book a session by calling the salon number displayed on their website.

 Work Hours

Fantastic Sams network of salon operates their individual working hours. Whether weekdays or weekends, they’ve got your back.

You can do well to confirm at your own location for their work schedule.

However, most of them follow the standard work schedule as given below.

TUE: 9:00am8:00pm
WED: 9:00am8:00pm