FabFitfun allows you to get gorgeous with the greatest and latest beauty must-haves, stay fit with cutting edge gear and heart-pumping workouts.

You can also get healthy with guilt-free snacks, tasty recipes, and the important news related to nutrition, get well-maintained with confidence-building, stress-busting, relationship-strengthening secrets.

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What exactly is FabFitFun?

FabFitFun is a subscription box that you can only receive four times per year. Every box includes goodies worth $200+ from makeup, fitness, skincare, fashion, home, and more – all of these are hand-picked by the team of FabFitfun.

FabFitFun, instead of little sample items, provide Full-sized, name-brand, and authentic products.

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How does the Membership works and costs?

As a member of FabFitFun, you will receive a box of stunning finds in wellness, beauty, fitness, and fashion. All the items in the box are hand-picked by the team of FabFitFun!

If we tally the prices with the retail value, the box is worth $200+. As a member, you will be receiving the Seasonal Box four times each year.

The charge of your membership will be decided right after your finish selecting between Annual or Seasonal Membership. Later, you will get an email as the conformation of the order, and you will be able to access theFabFitFun account straight away.

You will be receiving an Editor’s Box or a Season’s Box as your first box, yet it depends on the time you sign up.

One receives an Editor’s Box when all the current Season Boxes are sold out. The box may have favorite products or brands from the foregoing seasons.

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A Seasonal Membership:

If you plan to join the Seasonal Membership, the payment of per box per season will be $49.99.

Before charging, you will receive an email to remind you of the forthcoming bill date and all the descriptions about the upcoming box.

Your membership will renew without any manual action before every latest season until you are willing to cancel the subscription before the bill date.

Once you join the Seasonal Subscription and later determine to choose the Annual Membership, you can upgrade anytime you want.

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An Annual Membership:

Now, how different is the Annual membership? This membership charges $179.99 in advance for the initial four boxes you receive.

Later, you will not have to for your subscription at all until the termination of your annual team. Just like in the Seasonal Membership, Annual subscription also renews automatically each year except if you wish to cancel it before the renewal date.

You will be nominated as a select member if you join the Annual Membership! Before your box or order is shipped, you will receive an email regarding your products and will be allowed to personalize certain products in the box. Generally, boxes are shipped in the course of the earliest shipping windows.

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Not just a Subscription but a community!

FabFitFun tries their hardest so that you feel like a part of a community. They wish to involve their subscribers as much as they can with the following features:

  1. Customization: The membership also allows you to choose the items to wish to have in your upcoming box, days before the boxes are packed and shipped, an email is sent to all the customers. Whoever wants to log in their account and use the couple options laid out by FabFitFun to customize to items.

For Example, you have the option to choose between two products or items, and if you like both of them, you can buy the other item on a very small fee.

You can receive more customize offers once you select a Membership.

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  1. Add-On’s: Additional items can also be purchased and included in your box separately at the FabFitFun Add-On’s Store. This opportunity is again available before the packaging and shipment of your box takes place. You will also receive an email from the team stating the official opening of the Add-On’s, at this point, you are allowed to login and view the product’s extensive collection.

Make sure you remember that these are additional items and are not replaceable for any items from your box. FabFitFun prioritizes the customers who spend additional cash.

If the customer is a Seasonal Member, even on a purchase of $5 Add-On’s, he/she will receive their shipped box before any other seasonal member.

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  1. FabFitFun TV: For selected members exclusively, FabFitFun TV is a service that allows free streaming that features many videos that are used as a source to present cooking shows and workout videos. The variety of these workout videos ranges from Barre to many Hoola-Hooping types of fun inspirations.
  2. Exclusive Offers: You can get your hands on some great online offers from our FabFitFun partnering brands. Make sure you snag on to the items you love because these online deals keep changing regularly.

What do we have inside the box?

When the FabFitFun box reaches your door-steps, it is well hidden in a plain-looking cardboard box. By now, you are completely aware that your goodies come in a wonderfully packed, colorful box.

Nonetheless, your packages need to be secure and kept out of evil eyes, and for that, the items are concealed and brought in large boxes.

Once the box is opened, you will find a Magazine, and this will be your most favorite element.

You will find multiple articles, most of them will be concerned with the products you receive in your box and will allow having a great understanding of your items.

You will also find all of the market price information so that you can easily compare how much the products you receive are worth for.

Every box includes nine products! Vasanti Cosmetics, Living Proof, Maji Sports, Tarte, dpHUE, NuMe, and many more are the name-brand and full-sized top brand items picked by the team for your box.

Consider the first box you received was a Summer Box that included a waterproof shore bag, an SPF moisturizer for face and hair spray for the beach.

While the Winter Box includes a coffee mug, blanket shawl, hydrating lip mask, and much more.

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