50 Most Popular Women

Top 50 Most Popular Women

The 50 most popular women on the internet were created in May 2010 by COED Magazine.

Their list was based on the most searchable women on google at that time, which for some strange reasons included Justin Bieber that ranked #7 on the list and Lady Gaga at #1.

Here is the full list:

50. Eva Longoria
49. Scarlett Johansson
48. Carmen Electra
47. Tina Fey
46. Adriana Lima
45. Lily Allen
44. Sarah Jessica Parker
43. Kelly Clarkson
42. Carrie Underwood
41. Amy Winehouse
40. Vanessa Hudgens
39. Katie Price
38. Ashley Tisdale
37. Hilary Duff
36. Marilyn Monroe
35. Heidi Montag
34. Demi Moore
33. Jennifer Aniston
32. Hillary Clinton
31. Ciara
30. Kristen Stewart
29. Betty White
28. Pamela Anderson
27. Fergie
26. Jessica Alba
25. Christina Aguilera
24. Sandra Bullock
23. Kim Kardashian
22. Katy Perry
21. Michelle Obama
20. Lindsay Lohan
19. Jessica Simpson
18. Sarah Palin
17. Mariah Carey
16. Jennifer Lopez
15. Megan Fox
14. Oprah
13. Angelina Jolie
12. Taylor Swift
11. Shakira
10. Avril Lavigne
9. Paris Hilton
8. Miley Cyrus
7. Justin Bieber
6. Britney Spears
5. Rihanna
4. Beyonce
3. Madonna
2. Kesha
1. Lady GaGa

Our Own 50 Most Popular Women List

Our list doesn’t include Justin Bieber ( he’s not a women 😉 ) and will be based on who You think is the most or less popular women today.

You will be the judge on the top 50 most popular women by voting. Vote up for ALL the most popular and vote down for ALL the less popular women. Comment below on who else you think we should add to this list?

#3 Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

What do you think?

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